Aldgate Statue


Architects: Normal

The Aldgate statue is the entry of the team “Normal” to a competition released for the design of a new landmark for the city of London. The intention was to create a memorable object at both day and night.

For the realisaton of the concept natural thatch was selected as the most appropriate material to express the concept. The internal core consists of a central steel pole which is anchored in concrete foundation and prefabricated steel ties which are joint in a symmetrical way to the pole in order to ensure equilibrium of the structure and give the desired appearance to the statue.

“Poly Stella” Sculpture



Tokyo / Japan 2008 – 2009
Conceptual design: Carsten Nicolai, Berlin /
Photo: Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig-Berlin /
Germany with PaceWildenstein New York / USA
also refer: Bauwelt 41/2009

The polyhedron is a representative model of organically grown forms of organisation in nature. The stainless steel sculpture, made of Alucobond and steel with a diameter of 3.5 m, was erected in a public square in Tokyo. Its structural complexity represents at the same time an abstract impression of the evolutionary process as well as an insight into the significant demands on the construction.

Glass Cube


Düsseldorf / Stuttgart / Munich / London 1996 – 1999
Architect: Stefan Gose, Stuttgart / Germany
Photo: Jens Willebrand, Cologne / Germany

Tensegrity stands for tension and integrity, totality and cohesion in an experimental sculpture. Patrick Teuffel designed the world’s first structure of load bearing glass tubes. This configuration of apparent weightlessness became his first independent project.