Since the beginning of modernism engineers formed and shaped our built environment probably stronger than in the past. Whenever architecture entered new dimensions of height, span, complexity, durability, sustainability, i.e. concerns regarding technology as well as aesthetics, building engineers played and still play a major role. The collaboration of architects and engineers of various disciplines is mandatory.

In today‘s world persistent innovation is a driving agent. Further the engineer should incorporate a comprehensive knowledge and experience along with a high degree of investigative curiosity and aesthetic sensitivity. Without those qualifications modern building engineering is no longer able to cope with the challenges of our age.

According to this holistic philosophy TEUFFEL ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS dedicate themselves to all essential services linked with structural engineering of buildings as well as specialist structures. Moreover, during the past years the range of services has been strategically expanded, for example, by the expertise in parametric facade engineering and building retrofit. The new Berlin office was opened in 2013.

For Patrick Teuffel and his practice a deeply rooted structural understanding should be applied together with one’s own personal and aesthetic experience right from the very beginning of the first designs and throughout the ensuing planning process. His entire engineering work as well as his teaching is subject to this endeavour of finding a synthesis between structure and design.