Bauhaus museum, Dessau


(1st prize)
Dessau 2015
Architect: Young & Ayata, New York/em>

The new Bauhaus Museum Dessau will for the first time offer the opportunity to present the outstanding collection of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation to the public on a permanent basis under the best possible conservative conditions. The primary structure of the individual exhibition halls is made of composite timber ribs. Each rib can be cut from a flat timber panel using modern CNC technology.

Rheinstraßenbrücke Darmstadt


Darmstadt/ Germany, 2015
Architect: AL_A, London

The aim of the design is to preserve the historic structure of the bridge as far as possible, while at the same time providing the city of Darmstadt with a new and decisive contribution to the improvement of the infrastructure. The careful handling of the existing historic building fabric, in particular the artistically ornamented bridge heads and the retaining walls from the year 1912, it is aimed at preserving a connection to the past and the basis for the step into the future.

Tempelhofer Freiheit Südbrücke


Berlin, 2012
Architect: ipv, Delft/ NL

The bridge structure provides space for an integrated train station access with an integrated lift and access stairs. The continuous appearance of the Vierendeel truss provides opportunities for the illumination of graphical information at both sides of the bridge. This space can also serve as an exhibition space for art or historical information about the Tempelhof Airport and in the evening it can be illuminated by the upper part of the girder.

Aldgate Statue


Architects: Normal

The Aldgate statue is the entry of the team “Normal” to a competition released for the design of a new landmark for the city of London. The intention was to create a memorable object at both day and night.

For the realisaton of the concept natural thatch was selected as the most appropriate material to express the concept. The internal core consists of a central steel pole which is anchored in concrete foundation and prefabricated steel ties which are joint in a symmetrical way to the pole in order to ensure equilibrium of the structure and give the desired appearance to the statue.

Secondary School, Wolfsburg, Germany



Wolfsburg / Germany 2011 – 2013
City of Wolfsburg
Architect: Kirstin Bartels Architektin, Oslo / Norway
Photo: Kirstin Bartels Architektin, Oslo / Norway

TEUFFEL ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS won the architectural competition together with Norwegian architects for the extension of a school building dating
back to the Fifties. The three storey building has an agora in its centre. Continue reading

Student Accommodation with day-care, Kassel, Germany



Kassel / Germany 2012 – 2014
Client: Studentenwerk Kassel, Kassel / Germany
Architect: berger röcker architekten, Stuttgart / Germany
Photo: berger röcker architekten, Stuttgart / Germany

The project was commissioned by the Student Organization for the newly designed University of Kassel campus. It turned out to be a comprehensive student accommodation with 150 living units. The major task was to find an economical construction method for a building which contains a most diverse mix of use Continue reading