Private House Frankfurt/Main


Frankfurt/ Main, built in 2020-2022
Client: Private
Architects: Dietz Joppien Hammerschmidt Architekten
Pictures: © Annette Detzel

The construction project is a 3-story residential building with 2 residential units and an underground parking garage in Frankfurt/ Main.
The special feature of this project is not only to develop an optimal structural system that is serviceable, stable and economical but it should also be flexible and sustainable for future changes of use.
The building volume is partially displaced laterally between the individual floors and contains areas that cantilever out of the system. The exterior reinforced concrete walls act as wall-like beams to brace the upper floors to the underground parking garage.
Another challenge is the southwestern area, which requires a high degree of spatial flexibility. This necessitates a span of the supporting structure of approx. 7 to 8m. For this purpose, wide-span hollow core slabs were planned and implemented to reduce the dead load.
Furthermore, the option for an additional storey is to be considered. The basement was designed to be impermeable to water.

B-Part Am Gleisdreieck, Berlin


Berlin, built in 2019
Client: Urbane Mitte Am Gleisdreieck
Architects: Scharabi Architekten
Pictures: © B-Part Am Gleisdreieck, | HG Esch

In the heart of Berlin, a lively and diverse urban quarter is emerging. Here, as many as possible aspects of an ideal life and work should be combined harmoniously and with a high level of social responsibility. Mobility, new work, art and culture, gastronomy, trade, innovation and digitization.
The B-Part project shows us opportunities of an urban development at Gleisdreieck. Based on the key question “How will we live and work tomorrow?”, Urbane Mitte Am Gleisdreieck presents the building to residents and interested parties.
This construction is a temporary multifunctional building. The wooden structure was created by Renggli International. Teuffel Engineering Consultants carried out the foundation design for this project.

Bahnstraße Falkensee


Falkensee 2016-2017
Owner: private
Architect: mangold architekten bda, Berlin
Photo: TEC

Inner-city project of a commercial building in the centre of Falkensee with an area of around 5000m². The ground floor will be mainly used by catering facilities, the three upper floors are office spaces. Below the building with around 77m length is a parking garage reached by a car-lift. Due to the fact that the ground water level is close under the terrain surface a detailed planning of the watertight-concrete-construction was necessary. The neighbouring existing buildings are underpinned with high pressure injections.

Showpalast and EQUILALAND Munich


Munich 2016-2017
Architect: GRAFT Gesellschaft von Architekten GmbH, Berlin
General contractor: Adunic Deutschland GmbH, Berlin
Photo: TEC

In the north part of Munich close to the Allianz-Arena the EQUILALAND opens the worldwide first Horse-Themepark with an area of around 54000m²
The project includes a themepark with gastronomies, a riding-hall, different horse stables and pavilions, a horse training hall and a museum as well as an event hall for the flagship-show of Apassionata with approximately 1800 seats, a backstage area, a foyer and an administrative wing.

Tempelhofer Freiheit Südbrücke


Berlin, 2012
Architect: ipv, Delft/ NL

The bridge structure provides space for an integrated train station access with an integrated lift and access stairs. The continuous appearance of the Vierendeel truss provides opportunities for the illumination of graphical information at both sides of the bridge. This space can also serve as an exhibition space for art or historical information about the Tempelhof Airport and in the evening it can be illuminated by the upper part of the girder.

IFIB – Interfaculty Institute of Biochemistry


Tübingen / Germany 2015 – 2020
Client / Architect: Vermögen und Bau Baden-
Württemberg Amt Tübingen, Tübingen /
Germany, Wenzel+Wenzel, Stuttgart / Germany
Structural design: Schweitzer Ingenieure,
Saarbrücken / Germany
Fotos: Martin Prösler, Tübingen / Germany

New building Interfaculty Institute for Biochemistry IFIB

The IFIB complements the Center for Molecular Biology of Plants (ZMBP), which was completed in 2013. TEUFFEL ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS already developed a prefabricated reinforced concrete façade for the three to five-story building together with the architects and the executing company.

With the IFIB, a modern extension with contemporary furnishings has now been created. With an area of around 5,300 square meters, it offers students and teachers space for their scientific work. Great importance was attached to energy efficiency. The ventilation system is equipped with heat recovery. The remaining heat demand is covered by the district heating plant, which is predominantly powered by wood chips. Recooling plants on the roof contribute to the energy-efficient generation of the required cooling with evaporative cooling.

TEUFFEL ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS supported this energy-efficient planning by again designing the precast reinforced concrete facade. Here, part of the original facade of the ZMBP was deconstructed and the prefabricated parts were recycled for the IFIB in the sense of a circular economy.

see also New building Interfaculty Institute for Biochemistry handed over

Samsung GALAXY Studio, Sochi


The structure measured 40 m x 27 m x 9.50 m and consisted on three sides of a steel frame with four edges and two supporting columns in the middle. Diagonal bracing provided the necessary stability against snow and wind load as well as possible earthquakes. Continue reading

Prora, Block 1, Island of Rugen, Germany



Island of Rugen / Germany 2013 – 2016
Client: Wohnen in Prora, Vermögensverwaltungs
GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin / Germany
Architect: Stuke Architekten GmbH, Berlin /
Photo: Wohnen in Prora Vermögensverwaltungs
GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin / Germany

The structural intervention in a listed building can be regarded as a special challenge at all times. “Block 1“ of Prora, belonging to the former Third Reich Holiday Resort, is no exception to this rule. It has been converted into modern style apartments and a hotel. Continue reading

Centre for Plant Molecular Biology, Tübingen, Germany



Tübingen / Germany 2010 – 2012
Client / Architect: Vermögen und Bau Baden-
Württemberg Amt Tübingen, Tübingen /
Germany, Wenzel+Wenzel, Stuttgart / Germany
Structural design: Schweitzer Ingenieure,
Saarbrücken / Germany
Photo: Thomas Heimann, Berlin / Germany

The hallmark of the 3,000 m² large office, teaching and research building is its striking facade. TEUFFEL ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS developed as facade designers together with the architect and the contractor a suspended precast concrete facade. Continue reading