Liechtenstein Expo 2010


Vaduz / Liechtenstein 2010
Client: Fürstentum Liechtenstein, Vaduz / Liechtenstein
Architect: Sabine Kranz, Paris / France with Gaiser Architekten, Karlsruhe / Germany
General contractor: Nüssli, Hüttwilen / Switzerland
Photo: Nüssli, Hüttwilen / Switzerland

The small pavilion in Vaduz has aptly been described as a “sky full of 158 banners”. By video it transmits images and impressions from the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai. For this purpose the already existing information center has been encircled by an 11 m tall spaceframe of 14 m x 14 m. Five steel columns carry a circular girder beam.The membrane roof covers the steel cube at the same level of the girder beams.