Cruise ship S697, Meyer Werft, Papenburg, Germany


Papenburg / Germany 2013 – 2014
Owner: Meyer-Werft, Papenburg / Germany
Client: Textil Bau GmbH, Hamburg / Germany
Photo: Textil Bau GmbH, Hamburg / Germany

The white membranes on the upper decks of modern cruise ships conjure up impressions of the billowing sails of ancient sailing ships. Although neither functionally nor from a constructive point of view can one compare the membranes, which measure up to 25 m, with maritime nostalgia. Instead the membranes serve as solar and weather protection for passengers as well as the crew.

The differently designed and cut membranes on the upper deck of the cruise ship S697 have to withstand the strongest storms, whilst looking elegant and slender. Special flexible nodes fix them to the deck and the often very slim supporting steel frames fulfil multifunctional tasks. In order to cut out unwanted vibration caused, for example, by the ship’s engines, extra reinforcing beams had to be introduced.