LOOPs 2.0, BAU Fair 2013 & 2015, Munich, Germany

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BAU Fair 2013 & 2015 Munich / Germany
2012 – 2013
Client: Textile Architektur
Architect: leichtbaukunst, Lars Meeß-Olsohn,
Velbert / Germany
Photo: leichtbaukunst, Lars Meeß-Olsohn,
Velbert / Germany

Since the beginnings of TEUFFEL ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS the design and construction of exhibition stands has been a continuous field of activity. No exception to this tradition is LOOPs, a temporary exhibition stand that was shown for the first time at the Munich BAU Fair in 2013. The circular structure has a diameter of 16 m and covers fair stands dedicated to the subject of “Textile Architecture“.

Twenty-four curved tubular aluminium profiles, with a span of approximately 8 m, are divided into twelve identical inner and exterior arches. A TPU membrane spans in between and on top of this aluminium grid.