Aldgate Statue


Architects: Normal

The Aldgate statue is the entry of the team “Normal” to a competition released for the design of a new landmark for the city of London. The intention was to create a memorable object at both day and night.

For the realisaton of the concept natural thatch was selected as the most appropriate material to express the concept. The internal core consists of a central steel pole which is anchored in concrete foundation and prefabricated steel ties which are joint in a symmetrical way to the pole in order to ensure equilibrium of the structure and give the desired appearance to the statue.

Adaptive Building Systems


in cooperation with TU Delft 2006
Architect: Braun Associates Architekten, Stuttgart/ Deutschland
Photos: Braun Associates Architekten, Stuttgart/ Deutschland

In nature adaptive systems are very common, for example, one only has to think of the chameleon. In material sciences, too, current developments strive towards the invention of adaptive materials, so-called smart materials. They can vary their physical and chemical configurations and with regard to load bearing structures, such as high rise or bridges, they enable greater heights and spans.

Smart Materials


in cooperation with TU Delft 2010
Architect (IBA): Architectuurcentrale Thijs Asselbergs, Haarlem/ Niederlande and SHAU, Rotterdam/ Niederlande
Photo: TU Delft

The Experimental House IN4M is positioned at the crossroads of sociological and technical innovation by the use of new and high tech materials and planning methodologies. In combination with ecological timber products and recycled products from straw different types of materials have been integrated into this House of the Future. The Smart Energy Glass, for instance, is based on a liquid crystal technology and can be switched to different degrees of transparency. The energy for this is generated by the glass itself and the light transmission ranges from transparent to opaque and translucent – different g-value included.